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Thousands of Italian Slovenes demand new protective legislation

Von: Eurolang
Datum: 08.05.00
Uhrzeit: 15:51:52
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Thousands of Slovenes from Italy have taken to the streets to demand that special legislation promised to their minority be passed as soon as possible. More than 5,000 Slovenes from the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia gathered last Saturday in Trieste to request that the new law be introduced.

Of great, however, was the active participation of local authorities in the event. Four MPs and 16 mayors were in attendance along with the mayor of Trieste, Riccardo Illy, a well-known personality in Italy and abroad. Together the public representatives stressed that legislation for the Slovenes would strengthen the international role which Trieste could play. The presence of Illy, who began his speech with a few words in Slovene, was considered highly significant as the city of Trieste had never before supported the aims of the Slovene community to have special legislation passed.

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