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Further steps taken towards legal requirement for protection of Austrian minorities

Von: Eurolang (Brigitte Alfter)
Datum: 22.06.00
Uhrzeit: 07:30:13
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The Human Rights Committee of the Austrian Parliament agreed a formulation on an amendment to the constitution concerning the country's six recognized minorities. According to the news service of the Croatian Centre in Vienna, the proposal for the text of the legal requirement (Staatszielbestimmung) contains a declaration about Austria's cultural and linguistic diversity as well as the state's obligation to actively protect and support minorities.

All four parties represented in the Austrian parliament - the governing People's Party (ÖVP) and Freedom Party (FPÖ) as well as the opposition Social Democrats (SPÖ) and the Green Party - have agreed on the text and the bill is likely to be passed by the parliament before the summer holiday.

The amendment will be inserted into the constitutional Article 8 concerning language and not into Article 6 concerning citizenship, reports public service broadcaster ORF. Representatives of both the parties and the minorities have expressed satisfaction about the agreement.

Chairperson of the Human Rights Committee, Green Party MP Terezija Stoisits, has described the legal requirement as the starting point for a reform of the legislation concerning the minorities.

Stand: 22. Juni 2000