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Minority projects receive 360,000 Euros under EU culture programme

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Datum: 31.01.01
Uhrzeit: 08:13:35
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The European Union is to give over 360,000 Euros to minority language projects in the first funding allocation this year under the “Culture 2000” programme. “Culture 2000” was established by the EU to support cultural co-operation projects in all artistic and cultural sectors, ranging from performing arts, visual arts and literature to heritage and cultural history. The programme will last until 2004 and will have a budget of 167 million Euros.

The objectives of Culture 2000 are to promote cultural dialogue, creativity and the cross-border distribution of culture. Under the first funding allocation for this year, three projects involving minority languages have received a total of 361,730 Euros in support.

One project, "Migration, Minorities, Compensation - Issues of Cultural Heritage in Europe" is designed to increase knowledge of European ethnic minorities and cultural diversity. Organised by eight universities throughout Europe, the project will include, publications about minorities for students and for the general public. It will receive 73,730 Euros in funding.

An other project involves the Roma and Traveller minorities. The Pavee Point Travellers Centre in Ireland is to be opened to the public and a website and database will be created about Traveller heritage. The project, which is organised by Irish, French and Spanish Roma and Travellers orgnanisations, will receive 150,000 Euros in funding.

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